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Hello everyone! I'm Anita Csorba , the blogger, architect and painter behind the interior design and home craft blog called The blog name means Inspirations, in hungarian, this is where I collect the most important home inspiration from a hungarian view. Also I show you my interior design works, and creative ideas.

I'm a mum of two little children, painter, and originally an architect engenieer. After the birth of my lovely children I started blogging, to catch up the trends. I love it, it's such an inspiring world which opened me through internet, and blogs! I try to show it hungarians, but also for you as well, it's a special collection from my heart! :) I'm happy if you look around here, and do not forget to say Hello!

  You can also find my works here:

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  1. Hi, i love all of your ideas, i'm passing trought your page in facebook, the "INSPIRÁCIÓK LAKBERENDEZÉSHEZ" and i'm loving your work +.+

  2. Beautiful and wonderful ideas... thank you for sharing! Love your blog.


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